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You just want to know. 

And we get it.

Frequently Asked Questions when planning an event with Just Drinks

How to book?

Simple. Go to the deposit tab. Save your date. Fully refundable if you decide not to book within one month of the deposit. Move forward with the date you've saved and the $99 deposit is applied towards your event balance. It's that easy. We'll reach out within 24hrs of your deposit.

What types events do you service?

Try us. Everything. From Tailgates to Fundraisers. Here's the shortlist: Weddings, Graduations, Baby Showers, Cool Birthday Parties, Conventions, Corporate, and Retirements

Can you travel outside of Milwaukee?

Just Drinks has a permanent on premise retail alcohol license that allows us to dispense alcohol at any event in the state of Wisconsin. 

How much room does the truck need?

Our truck is approx. 18ft long (front to back) 12ft high and 9ft wide. We require enough room to either back our truck in or pull our truck through. If it's a tight fit, we'll be happy to check it out in person before booking.

Does the truck have power?

Our truck can plug into any standard 110 v outlet for power and we'll bring our of own heavy duty 20ft cord to accommodate. The truck also runs off of some pretty awesome solar panels. And just incase, we have a backup Cummins generator fitted and installed inside the truck. We've got it covered.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. Licensed and insured.

What does the truck provide?

We provide bartenders, barware, ice, coolers, kegerators, wine and cocktail cups, cocktail napkins, straws,  garnishes. Our truck is also equipped with interior and exterior lighting and bluetooth outdoor speakers. 

What the truck does not provide?

We don’t carry glassware (only plastic cups), flowers, or candles. We do not provide trash receptacles or disposal.

What happens if there is bad weather?

To quote Nick Cage in the Weather Man " It's wind. It blows all over the place!" You never know and we don't either. If it rains, we'll work with your tent vendor to find the appropriate size tent for our truck. Alternatively, we'll work to rebook the event with you in the following dates. The final deposit of 25% made 2 weeks prior to the event is non-refundable as we'll be allocating dollars to prepare for your date in advance, but it will be applied to the rain date when established. The show must go on. 

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